Award-winning Edinburgh Extension, 2022

  • The Edinburgh Extension Client

This Award-winning Edinburgh Extension project gave Mennato and his family (who had lived in this bungalow for over two decades in a house that never looked or felt like they wanted), the perfect solution. This busy restaurant owner couple are always working and the young adult children also help out when not studying. With such an extremely busy lifestyle the family needed a calm sanctuary to retreat to during precious time off. We wanted to give them the best of the best – a space that reflected them and brought them ride and joy.

  • Edinburgh Extension Scope/Client Brief

The layout simply didn’t offer the family what they needed. Times have moved on and the modern open-plan lifestyle they craved just wasn’t possible. An architect drew up a usual 3m deep extension at the back of the house, which would offer more space but we also added functionality by redistributing the bedrooms downstairs. What would follow was a mind-blowing transformation – a beautiful marriage of light, space, and classy furnishings with a bonus of clever elegant lighting.

  • Edinburgh Extension Challenges

Completed during Covid & the added Challenges that this brought!  The design timeframes were elongated with council delays and remote working, and materials were scarce with pricing going through the roof! Design wise the load bearing wall we wanted to remove between the kitchen and lounge wasn’t possible so we worked around the smaller sections we were able to take down and created a clever space divider allowing more light and circulation space throughout the space.

  • Our Interior Design Solution

It all starts with the layout! If the place doesn’t work for everyday living, there is absolutely no point in spending money on making it look better. Function ALWAYS before form. Many configurations followed and we found a great solution to emphasise open-plan family living with two generously sized bedrooms with gorgeous en-suites. Replacing stairs or moving their location is costly so we gave this one a facelift by removing carpet and restaining the wood underneath. Adding glass and stainless steel gave it much-needed air to breathe and the LED lights made the whole piece glow in gorgeous light.

Transforming your home into an inviting and functional space begins with smart design choices. At Decodence, we prioritise function over form to ensure your property not only looks stunning but also works seamlessly for everyday living. Our award-winning extension project in Edinburgh showcases our ability to create open-plan family living areas with spacious, beautifully designed bedrooms and en-suites. We breathe new life into every corner.

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