Welcome to a Selection of Completed Projects

Over the years, we have had the pleasure to work on wonderful projects, each uniquely tailored to the client’s needs. Here you can browse our portfolio, a selection of projects we have delivered, from concept to final move-in. Our commercial portfolio projects typically focus  on hospitality and office design, where we partner with multiple other professionals and appointments of our clients.

Residential solutions are usually more personal and are deeply focused on the needs of the people living in these properties. We typically appoint the trades to carry out onsite works and oversee the full delivery from start to finish. 

Our holiday lets portfolio are a nice mix of residential design but within a business context. We work with our clients to pinpoint the correct market and design the property for style, comfort, and durability to ensure the best return on investment.

If you own a commercial property or lease a restaurant, chances are you simply do not have the time to visualise and manage a renovation yourself. This has been the case with all customers in this sector. – with clear requirements to improve appearance, increase capacity, or fix functional or service-impacting layout issues, we have translated their brief into a redesigned space! With fierce competition and tight margins, we look after the improvements that will give you the competitive edge, while you continue to run your day-to-day business. You can expect to reap the benefits of our services in record time, with a typical investment return of just weeks!

Trust the designers at Decodence to handle all aspects of your home renovation. At our design studio, residential remodelling is our signature service, and we believe in providing a place of comfort and calm that fulfils your family’s needs and wows friends and visitors. Depending on the scale of your project, we can work with your architect or undertake interior architectural design ourselves. From layout and location planning to complete home renovations, our services cover all your needs. Get in touch today to speak with our designers.

Are you ready to create a passive income stream from a new holiday let? With the recent increase in domestic travel now is the time to enter the market. Based on significant experience, we can advise you on all aspects from the initial purchase to final finishes! We will help to identify your ideal client, and design a comfortable yet unique and elegant home away from home your customers will remember. With quick return on investment, we will help you make the right spending decisions to always ensure every penny is spent wisely to its maximum potential. From complete wrecks to refurbishments we offer a full property design service you will profit from for years.

Full design and build services to complete your project

We offer a turnkey service from start to finish for homes, holiday lets and venues.