Commercial Makeovers and Fit-outs for Hospitality and Business Premises

Call on our experienced designers to turn your commercial renovation ideas into a reality. Decodence creates beautiful interiors for commercial clients throughout the UK. Ideal for businesses who are looking for complete design solutions, we work with you from target market analysis and logo design to traffic patterns and furnishings to provide you with a holistic service.

Our Commercial Services

Include a hassle-free management service for all aspects of your project, enabling you to get on with more important tasks in your business and life.

Ready to elevate your commercial property and boost your bookings? Contact us today to discover how our bespoke design solutions can transform your commercial property into a sought-after destination. Let Decodence help you create a space that captivates guests and maximizes your income.

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Why Choose Us?

Our award-winning design studio specialises in hospitality and commercial design. We know how to redesign a venue to start generating serious interest and profit. Having worked with many business owners over the years, we are happy to put you in touch with fellow commercial clients to discuss our services, and their record times on return on investment.

Commercial design of a coffiee shop with chirs and tables

Full service redesigns

Create the next award winning venue by working with our team to redesign your space