Boutique Apartment, 2020

  • The Boutique Apartment Client

An experienced property investor and developer with multiple apartments in Scotland’s Perthshire hired us to completely transform three apartments in an old block in Dunkeld. This is our Boutique Apartment project.

  • Boutique Apartment Scope/Client Brief

Second of our three flat project in Dunkeld, this was the toughest one! This was an old storage space and had a front door so small, we practically had to crawl to get in! Our mission was to turn this tiny attic space into a one-bed apartment!

  • The Properties Challenges

Once we did manage to crawl in we were greeted with an open plan space with a single sink in the corner! To make this habitable we needed to connect services and then carefully craft everything necessary around them. Being a loft, any activity that requires standing up needed to be placed at the highest point of the room! So the layout had to fold around head height – this dictated the location of the cooker, shower and toilet and the rest followed. With a tight staircase to top all our nightmares the furniture selection was limited – let’s just say the sofa is unlikely to come out the flat anytime soon!

  •  Our Interior Design Solution

By raising the ceiling we achieved more space allowing for a standard door and room height! This then provided a blank canvas to carefully squeeze everything in a holiday maker would want – a kitchenette with a breakfast bar for dining, a corner sofa for comfortable lounging, a souble size bedroom and an en-suite shower room. Decorated in romantic bohemian finishes it creates a beautiful and relaxing “nest” for travellers to enjoy.

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