Classic Apartment, 2019

Classic Apartment Client

This one-bed apartment in Dunkeld, Perthshire is the second project of the three holiday lets we were hired to work on for our client. A popular destination, the client wanted to attract different audiences of the market and hence this apartment was to be more traditional or Classic Apartment from the other two properties in the portfolio.

A Classic Apartment Scope/Client Brief

Whilst the other two were contemporary in style, this would have a more old-school feel from antique furniture to chandeliers and quirky accessories. Before all that could happen though, we had to get it back to a blank canvas by removing some off the odd additions that had been made into a sulus functional kitchen space. We removed everything, just leaving the laminate floor, which was in a good enough state to keep.

The Property Challenges

Someone had been smoking here for a few decades from the smell of it! If you ever come across this problem, stain blocker is your friend! Literally, litres later we finally got to the top coat of lovely neutrals that would freshen the place up in the classic colours we introduced.

The noise from the upstairs property was loud! We insulated the worst areas by dropping the kitchen ceiling to a standard height and packing the void with noise-cancelling insulation materials.

Our Interior Design Solution

The kitchen was slightly enlarged to fit everything necessary in. It needed more worktop space and a cozy area to hop on a stool at to entertain the cook! We created a breakfast bar for his purpose and worked more appliances under the countertop lengths we added. In addition to the kitchen, the bathroom was fully refitted. A shower was added to allow for both showering and baths and the boiler upgraded to let us get rid of electric fittings. The lounge and the bedroom are furnished in comfortable but partly up-cycled pieces providing an aged yet personalised and elegant ambiance. It’s one of the client’s best-performing holiday rentals with many return visits and lots of positive feedback!

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