Crêpes and Creams, 2019

  • Crêpes and Creams Client

Our Crêpes and Creams Client was a vacant Berwick upon Tweed shop. It was about to get a right old makeover when the new owner reached out to us. He wanted to create something new in this town by opening an ice cream and crepe shop aimed at both locals and tourists alike.

  • Crêpes and Creams Scope/Client Brief

The vacant space was perfect for full-fledged transformation. Its rectangular shape, street-facing large windows, and already existing toilet facilities made it an ideal cafe contender. A large central bar would be needed to display a large variety of ice creams but a small cooking area was also needed to make sandwiches and crepes.

  • Property Challenges

Quite often, the design inherits something that’s already bought or retained. In this case, it was a HUGE ice cream display we seriously struggled to get in, let alone seamlessly baked into the design. Everything had to be designed around it from kitchen cabinetry for storage to worktop surfaces – we needed enough of both but were limited by what this beast would enable us to do!

  • Our Interior Design Solution

We fit it all in! As a result, a beautiful service area was designed and installed, and all furniture and finishes specified to create a trendy and welcoming space. The theme was born off a beautiful mint-coloured ice-cream around which we started to build a fresh, friendly, and natural scheme. Dark ceiling and natural timber finish beautifully off set a feature artificial moss hanging and the natural oak furniture adds a touch of texture and class. The white panelling keeps the scheme natural and relaxed, and the mirror chip terrazzo effect screams of joy and sunshine!

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