Formal Reception Room, 2019

  • Formal Reception Room Client

This beautiful retired couple in Berwickshire had a big house but parts of it were never used. The couple had run a very successful catering business and were seasoned entertainers, yet they felt they were missing a space to do this at their own home. This is where the need for a Formal Reception Room was identified. We were going to fix this for good and give them a banging space they could be proud of for years to come!

  • Formal Reception Room Scope/Client Brief

What do you do with the embarrassing front room that’s never used? Well, you redesign it to restore it back to its intended glory and start entertaining in style! This dumping ground had been neglected for years but its beautiful features and generous size gave us the perfect blank canvas to work on. We designed the layout to accommodate more people around a central fireplace and renewed every surface of the room.

  • Property Challenges

Oddly, the room had practically no light! With just lamps to light the space, we were puzzled about how to bring in more without damaging the ornate cornices and ceiling plasterwork. By hiding cables in the built in cabinetry, we were able to install LED strips to light the gorgeous features. The strips were hidden in another coving specifically designed for this purpose; they sit underneath the original and shine the light up to get the maximum out of the beautiful original features. Remote controlled for ease the owners can now set scenes to match the mood.

  • Our Interior Design Solution

We designed a dramatic new colour and lighting scheme, and furnished the room with quirky but stylish pieces, accessories, and the clients’ own art, which we carefully curated. It’s now the room everyone is greeted in, making use of a bespoke bar corner we designed and wonderful nooks to sit in while watching the log fire.

Crafting a home that blends style with functionality is where Decodence excels. Our approach emphasizes not just aesthetics, but also practicality, ensuring your space is as beautiful as it is livable.

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