Giacopazzi’s Fish and Chips, 2022

This retro themed fish and chips shop suffered from poor kitchen service flow and dated interiors. A large investment had been made in increasing the cooking capacity of the shop and a new all singing, and dancing fryer was installed. It was huge! Fitting it in gave us the perfect opportunity to solve the service space issue by enlarging the cooking area and creating a completely new customer flow at the front facade of the building. A central front door had to go and make room for the fryer, now positioned so it naturally divided the space into a service and customer ordering area. An old window was replaced by a bi-folding window, which created a perfect take away hatch. The identical window on the opposite side of the original front door made way for a gorgeous pair of glass doors. The new flow changed the dynamic and the output of the venue. This new energy was complimented by completely redesigning the interior finishes, which took the space from the trendy twenties industrial look to a bit more Rick Stine posh seafood fare. I’s imply gorgeous – the bespoke timber slats are the pride of the design, and the seafood themed bespoke vinyl stickers add a sense of fun!