Indigo House, 2022

  • Indigo House Client 

When a mother and a daughter in law team took over from the previous owner, this B&B was about to get some serious makeover action. This is our Indigo House interior design transformation project.

  • Indigo House Scope/Client Brief

To hit a new market and attract a better grading by listing agencies, it needed a new en-suite bathroom, a modernised shower room and better appointed public spaces. These main structural changes led the project planning but for everything to seamlessly work together, it all needed a cosmetic redesign as well.

  • Property Challenges

Eaves. eaves and eaves! All upstairs rooms including the old toilet and bedrooms, were under a sloped roof section. Layout planning for spaces like this is KEY! Hit your head repetitively, or actually even once, in an Airbnb, and you’re asking for a comment on it in a review. So, we reconfigured the room layouts, shower room included, to allocate the highest points of the room to activities requiring standing up. Sounds so simple but it’s so crucial and the distribution of left over functions to fit in the room is a precision game.

  • Our Interior Design Solution

We started with the remodelling task and then built the visual design taking colour clues from the name of the house! An old dysfunctional bathroom was replaced with a modern shower room. We connected the plumbing from here with the adjoining bedroom and by hiding the pipe work in a new plinth under the roof eaves a new master bedroom with a freestanding bath was formed. Downstairs the kitchen finishes were replaced and a new colour scheme for the house implemented. The blue tones of the lounge were carried upstairs through the stairwell which we updated with timber mouldings and new carpets. All of the public areas were refurnished with comfortable and timeless pieces that will wear and age well. This is now a popular spot, fetching a higher return for the owners and an enjoyable retreat for the guests.

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