Industrial Glamour, 2021

  • Client Intro

When Sam bought this run-down apartment to turn it into a glamorous holiday let, she had some wonderful ideas but no clear vision of how to bring the design cohesively together. Like so many others, she was considering making each room a design story of its own which just does not work, rarely in a large place but never in a small one bedder!

  • Scope/Client Brief

Blairgowrie’s a thriving holiday destination and competition is fierce! The first image a guest sees on the booking platforms needs to sell the place. Our ethos therefore often is for such properties: “go bold or go home”. Bold we went! Sam wanted an attention-grabbing design that would be quirky and different but still comfortable and welcoming. Materials needed to be durable and cost effective and the budget needed to be spent where it mattered the most. This like all our holiday lets is a full renovation with all furnishings and finishes hand-picked and supplied by us.

  • Challenges

Budget was tight and we needed to make use of anything salvageable on-site.
The kitchen needed all the basics but without breaking the bank and the shower room was such a bizarre shape with the previous layout we had to change the entry to it to fit everything in! A nice bonus was the narrow communal staircase, which put a real spanner into works at times!!

  • Interior Design Solution

We played up previous eyesores and made them into clever features – the fireplace got a new leash of life by simply blocking it and covering the opening with log-design wallpaper! It oozes the fireplace feel without scaring people off like it did with pigeon droppings in it! The old nasty surround just got painted in black to tie in with the other industrial features. We added brick effect wallpaper disguising imperfections in walls and covered the old wonky floor with rustic laminate. Strategically positioned art hides a multitude of sins and the new sliding door to the shower room space enabled us to finally fit everything in without compromising on style!