Kitchen Dining Family Hub

  • Client Intro

Joanna is another return customer. Some time ago we revamped her family room from a drab lounge to a glamorous entertainment space. She was desperate to bring the adjoining kitchen and dining room up to standard to continue the design on the other side and create another family space to enjoy.

  • Scope/Client Brief

Joanna had been to kitchen suppliers and was wondering what the difference with an interior designer and a kitchen company redoing her kitchen was. Really good question. – we explained that a kitchen company is very likely to repeat the same layout and just upgrade the finishes. This happens a lot and whilst the end result can be beautiful, any functional problems get copied and-pasted into the new design! We had much bigger plans – this would be a cracking large kitchen dining space with the two small rooms joined together to provide the modern living style the family longed for.

  • Challenges

Is that wall load bearing? Our builder carefully assessed the situation and thankfully deemed it not to be. However,  the large span of the room still scared us so we added a steel beam to take any risk of sagging out of the equation. And then there was that fireplace… it wasn’t visually offensive but sat in the middle of the storage solution we wanted to create for this busy family to hide everyday clutter.

  • Interior Design Solution

Joining the rooms was a no-brainer, but where would everything go? If the fireplace did need to stay, it would be awkward to work around and would need to be a feature, taking up considerable space. Ultimately, we ended up with this beautiful, sleek and super functional central island design that incorporates a handmade dining table which extends by lifting the gorgeous waterfall edge to position! The sizing was carefully designed around the max number of diners on Christmas Day (yes, this is one of the most common requirements for any dining area!) and the finish matched to complement the hardwood flooring. The full wall of storage covered with sliding doors incorporates a full laundry room and more kitchen storage!