Mamma Roma Bistro, 2020

The upstairs sister of this Italian bistro had a full make over in 2017 (see Mamma Roma Ristorante) and created some serious sibling rivalry. The two spaces no longer related, and customers would often choose to dine upstairs over here. The space needed to be brought up to the same standard as the restaurant above and so we were called in again to revive this famous Edinburgh eatery. The venues still needed to retain their own personalities and not copy each other; however, it was still important that both spaces could continue to operate under the same brand identity. We carved up a more relaxed Italian scheme to completement the more formal setting upstairs, renewed its surfaces, lighting and furniture and redesigned the bar to be the new focal point of the room. This little sister now punches its own weight and looks and performs as well as upstairs with a huge happy clientele beaming complimenting posts on all social channels.