Oblo Bar and Bistro, 2016

Well hello Eighties! A vinyl upholstered bar, flower stickers on the walls and lighting so low you couldn’t read the menu, all made room for a vibrant contemporary design, which takes cues from the neighbouring working harbour and the Italian background of the family owners. Mixed reclaimed timbers, rust finishes, raw hessian rope, monochromatic tiles and plush upholstery now create a stylish and fun vibe that attracts all ages from all over. 

The conservatory balcony was filled with foliage and floored in the same material as the inside to increase the visual floor area, the adjoining bistro has a slightly industrial feel and the formal restaurant at the back is filled with rustic timber finishes lending a nod to the working harbour. By visually zoning these spaces, the venue now has a more spacious feel that caters to everyone, and it all still makes sense as the design roots are shared in the industrial fishing and the family history! This was a full refurbishment of the bar, toilets, surfaces and all fixed and lose furnishings throughout.