Executive Home Revamp, 2020

  • Client Intro

This professional couple had just moved into this wonderful family home in Edinburgh’s Ravelston area. With two toddlers and an IT business to run, the couple needed a sanctuary they could relax in! One of the couple’s parents visited often and as a wheelchair user also had accessibility requirements we would need to accommodate.

  • Scope/Client Brief

Whilst the house generally performed well, three improvement areas were identified. Firstly, we would enlarge the downstairs toilet into a shower room, which is easily accessible and wheelchair friendly. Secondly, an old, disconnected toilet and an unused bedroom adjacent to the master bedroom upstairs were repurposed into a walk-in wardrobe and a luxurious ensuite with a bespoke steam room. The master bedroom also got a full facelift as did the family bathroom. This was a long renovation due to multiple specialist trades, from lighting automation to tadelakt and steam room installers. We carefully not just designed the project but project managed the delivery from budget control to final finishing.

  • Challenges

If the tiny cloak toilet downstairs was to become an accessible shower room, we desperately needed more space. This was stolen from the store room next door and by partially demolishing a stone wall, we managed to enlarge the old door way just enough to fit an accessible door in! Everything was tight but with precision planning, we managed to carve a beautiful space out of this once dysfunctional tiny room.

  • Interior Design Solution

The result was a stunning, more contemporary feeling upstairs, better reflecting the owner’s style, and an accessible (without looking it!) shower room and cloak room downstairs. A beautiful match of functionality and form with all furnishings and finishings designed and supplied by us to elevate it to a new level of glamour.