Scandinavian Loft Apartment, 2018

  • Client Intro

First one in a set of three apartments turned into successful holidays was the ask from our property investor developer client fron Dunkeld, Perthshire. “Just make them sell, please!”

  • Scope/Client Brief

Oooft. Did someone seriously live here before? We’ve seen some questionable abodes in our time but this was a new level. A kitchen so tiny you had to basically back into it and the floor questionably soft in places we really did have our work cut out! All of the surfaces were to be renewed but only after sorting the layout issues out. So we got to work.

  • Challenges

Not entirely sure where to begin but the avocado toilet aside I think it must be the “kitchen”. An opening in the wall under one of the eaves spaces … not sure it was a door really, as it was so low you couldn’t get in! Once you did, you literally had a shower cubicle equivalent of space to wash discuss, and cook a meal on the 70s hob. No idea how this would ever have worked! A lot of floor space was also wasted in built-in storage under the other slows sections of the roof. Clever storage for longer-term tenants but a holiday maker would not need any of it so we decided to steal it to create a more spacious feel.

  • Interior Design Solution

This was an awkward, poorly converted attic space in the heart of Dunkeld, Perthshire. It was in a condition of despair and there was practically no kitchen as the badly designed makeshift kitchenette was barely accessible! Some serious design and remodelling work later, the kitchenette was enlarged by pinching room from the sitting room, a new entry way to it created and a better flow achieved. The kitchen is now fully equipped to serve a serious chef or two whist keeping in the client’s beloved Scandinavian style. The flooring was renewed throughout, along with lighting and all furniture. In the lounge, old built-in cabinetry was removed to achieve more floor space and the bathroom was completely refurbished. The new layout was enabled by clever farmhouse-style sliding doors throughout which gave room for the larger kitchen and other tweaks we made along the way.