The Barrel Room Wedding Venue, 2013

  • Client Intro

When an Australian client decided to move their wine bottling offsite to larger premises, this huge double height space made room for a vineyard themed venue space!

  • Scope/Client Brief

The Barrel Room was to be resigned to a wedding and function space that would offer the rustic charm of a winery with a fully stocked bar, large toilet facilities,, and sufficient seating to host a proper bash.

  • Challenges

There was a single staff toilet from the eighties tucked to the side of the space. That would need to change if we’re to host a party in here! As the kitchen was upstairs the stairs to the space needed to be separated with adequate fire protection measures in place. This newly separated staff area would also need some storage. In addition to these structural layout prerequisites to make the service flow, the double height of the space also posed some acoustic challenges, which we would later overcome by introducing lots of soft furnishings and a clever ceiling-hung feature doing double duty as a sound barrier.

  • Interior Design Solution

The venue space was designed around the old oak barrels and storage rooms, which easily converted into large dining booths. A gigantic central table catered for the perfect wedding feast and a new bar ensured the house Cava glasses were never empty. New customer toilets were subdivided from the old storage area, now cleverly hidden by hessian drapery, and the old loading bay at the front naturally became a reception and lounging area with sumptuous leather chairs and more rich drapery to cover the less inspiring breeze block walls. The hanging plaster frame that houses the feature chandeliers is a striking centerpiece and backdrop for some magnificent wedding photos. And yes, it’s securely welded to the roof!