Water Mill Conversion, 2013

Water Mill Conversion Client

This is our owner’s home and our flagship project in the UK! When moving from Australia back to Europe, the Scottish Borders presented a great property development opportunity. This derelict old mill would be converted into a very large family home for the couple to enjoy with their international guests who would visit.

Water Mill Conversion Scope/Client Brief

Omg. The mother of all projects! This 1800s derelict water mill was to be rebuilt from ground up restoring historic features like the six-foot water wheels in the basement, and old grain silos. After careful layout planning, remodelling, and restoration works, a new kit build was also erected on top of the old flat roof, making the house span a whopping 1,200 sqm in total.

Property Challenges

Industrial buildings were not designed to be lived in. This means ceiling heights are typically lower and the size and number of windows are smaller than they would be in residential buildings. We needed clever design to combat both and the timber fretwork ceilings and led covings provide a solution to both problems. The antiquated electric system from the pre-war era needed to go and make way for a new three-phase system and plumbing to all twelve toilets and bathrooms needed to be centralised so the exterior walls wouldn’t be covered in ugly pipework! Sometimes size does matter and with such an epic scope managing in total in excess of a hundred men was a tall order but paid dividends in the end!

Our Interior Design Solution

Featured in multiple magazines and most notably BBC’s Scotland’s Home of the Year TV series (see the shortened video here), this impressive executive home is a local landmark loved by the owners and the community, who cherish the history of this building brought back from the brink.

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