BBC Scotland’s home of the year

BBC Scotland’s home of the year

BBC Scotland’s Home of the Year

BBC Scotland’s home of the year (S2E1)  features ‘The Grain Mill’; bought as a ruin and turned into an exciting family home and studio; a showcase to Elina of Decodence’s design work and our flagship project in the UK.

This 19th-century abandoned mill underwent a complete reconstruction to restore its historic features, including the six-foot water wheels in the basement and the old grain silos. After meticulous planning, remodeling, and restoration, an additional kit build was constructed atop the old flat roof, expanding the house to an impressive 1,200 square meters.

Industrial buildings are not originally designed for residential purposes. This results in lower ceiling heights and fewer, smaller windows compared to typical homes. Innovative design was essential to address these issues, with timber fretwork ceilings and LED covings providing effective solutions. The outdated pre-war electrical system needed replacement with a modern three-phase system, and plumbing for all twelve toilets and bathrooms had to be centralized to avoid unsightly exterior pipework. The project’s vast scale required managing over a hundred workers, which was challenging but ultimately rewarding.

BBC Scotland’s Home of the year Episode featuring The Grain Mill

Architect and teacher Michael Angus, renowned Glasgow-based interior designer Anna Campbell Jones, and globally recognised lifestyle blogger Kate Spiers scour the country for Scotland’s Home of the Year.

This episode sees then considering three homes in the Borders and southern Scotland, hanging out at an LA-style cliff-top home near Dalbeattie where Anna encounters a mythical creature. Next, in Kelso, the judges take a lesson in stylish interior design at a former Victorian girls school which has been lovingly renovated into a family home. And a luxuriously converted six-storey grain mill in the seaside town of Eyemouth has the judges wondering whether size really does matter.

Each will be marked out of ten, with the judges looking for unique, well-designed and much-loved homes. But only one will make it through to the final!

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