Live Like Gatsby With Art Deco Design: What You Need to Know About the 1920s-Hit Interior Design Style

Art Deco Gatsby design logo on black background

Primary Art Deco Characteristics

Art Deco’s primary characteristics involve geometric motifs, such as fans and flowers. It also involves abstract patterns like sunbursts and chevron.Art Deco Design is easily distinguishable by its materials of mirror, metal, polished wood, brass, metal, terra cotta, colorful glass, and chrome. When it comes to the colors used, expect high-contrast combinations that are bold and moody. Don’t worry; it’s not all bold colors as they are balanced with softer nudes.

Art Deco Style Elements

What’s unique about art deco style is that it’s all about making a big statement in interior design and architecture. Moreover, it’s possible to combine this with other styles, like adding art-deco inspired elements like mirror pieces in a room with traditional furnishings.

Here are the elements of art deco design to look out for:

Colors: As mentioned, art deco colors are bold and striking, like bright and deep yellow, reds, greens, pinks, and blues. For softer colors, you can use creams and beiges for the living and dining areas.

Furniture: Art Deco furniture lack intricate details but is huge, like big sideboards and big chairs.

Fabrics: Velvets and leathers hail from this interior design style. You can also use solid colors or fabric with geometric patterns. Upholstered furniture that features solid and contrast blocks are also a huge part of this interior design style.

Floors: For wood flooring, you already have art deco in your room. You can also use underfoot in tile or linoleum like the ever-popular black-and-white checkered flooring.

Lights: Lights are some of the easiest ways to bring art deco into your home. Art Deco lighting fixtures are popular for their geometric and symmetrical patterns. They have a lot of details.

Bring Art Deco Style Into Your Home

Create an art deco feel in your home by having bold elements in your home. Think elegance with functionality. Choose geometric forms and exotic materials with high-shine finishes. Use this guide to kickstart your interior design project or guide you before hiring a professional to bring a more art deco feel into your home.

The art deco style is perfect for homeowners who want to add a touch of luxury and elegance to their home. It is very chic, which can breathe new life into your interior design to make your home look even better.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a new style in your home, think art deco. You’re going to appreciate its chicness and glamour that it brings into your home.