Smart Outdoor Spaces Design The Latest Trends in Hotel & Restaurant Design Ideas

Smart outdoor hotel dining design that maximises space with many dinning chairs and round tables.

Innovative ideas brought by technology are cropping up all over the world every day. There is a growing interest amongst people looking at owning an outdoor restaurant or adding an outdoor space to their existing establishment to increase their service value and quality. Especially with how the pandemic currently affects the industry, outdoor dining spaces are flourishing when paired with smart designing techniques. The recent developments will help hoteliers and restaurateurs incorporate various features into their outdoor space design to enhance its overall function, benefits, and character.

How to Complement Smart Outdoor Spaces Design For Hotel and Restaurant

You can apply smart designs for outdoor hotel and restaurant spaces by incorporating the latest technology and innovations in manufacturing durable yet stylish furniture, appliances, fixtures, and lighting to provide a comfortable and modern ambience with a touch of elegance.

Retractable Roofing

You can make guests feel more at home even when outdoors with proper shade and weather protection.

If you’re located in an area with unpredictable weather, considering that many regions are experiencing climate change, you can take advantage of the retractable roofing features. It is one of the latest designs developed for commercial businesses, such as hotel and restaurant establishments. It invites light with the right amount of shade within the premises while keeping customers safe from unexpected weather.

Weatherproof Furniture

Moreover, the stylish furnishings will make your guests want to linger around and dine longer. To elevate your outdoor space, ensure that you choose the right furniture.

The dining area is an essential part of any hotel or restaurant, and that is where weatherproof furniture can help you a lot in catering to customers with convenience. Choosing a suitable material involves knowing its properties that can resist damage from the weather and other elements.

Decorative Lighting in Smart Outdoor Spaces Design For Hotel and Restaurant

During daylight, you can take advantage of the sun to lighten up your outdoor space and save energy. However, you need to be more creative with your lighting in the evening.

You can explore decorative lighting for outdoor spaces, like string lights, lanterns, and illuminating effects on your greens, posts, and signages. You can attach lighting to built-in furniture as well.

Remember that choosing the right decorative lighting also depends on the ambience you want to create for your customers.


If you are looking for ways to keep up with the latest trends and follow how technology has changed hotel and restaurant design, it is best advised that you get in touch with hotel and restaurant interior designers equipped with expertise in the market’s latest innovations. These professionals have the suitable know-how and ability to give you a comprehensive assessment of the market demands and what your competitors are offering, and always remain one step ahead.

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