Mamma Roma Ristorante, 2017

Mamma Roma Ristorante Client

The owner of this iconic establishment in the heart of Edinburgh, Mamma Roma Ristorante, cater to loyal locals, tourists, and theatre goers alike, came to us with mixed emotions. He wanted to change the interiors but didn’t want to lose the Italian charm the place was known for. What would follow is a long, fun relationship that creates a transforming design not just here but in Mennato’s other outlets including the Mamma Roma Bistro and home.

Mamma Roma Ristorante Scope/Client Brief

Authentic as the food may have been, the super traditional interiors no longer looked quaint but a bit drab. We were given free rein to tweak the layout and redesign the look and feel. The space was to be modernised but with respect to the restaurant’s long history and the authentic food and service, this place was famous for.

Property Challenges

The layout was odd – the till was right in front of the entryway which created contention and chaos and didn’t feel overly welcoming. The staff needed space, ideally somewhere else than here and the design needed to appeal to a wider audience than what the super old fashioned wall frescos currently attracted.

Our Interior Design Solution

By creating a new staff area at the back, we made space for a larger, and more stylish, service bar. This would now offer a welcoming entry and a beautiful focal point around which the dining space would naturally be zoned. We added wonderful inbuilt banquette seats, refurbished the toilets, and added new decor throughout, loosely based on the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma. This would give a fun backdrop to pre-theatre meals at the neighbouring Play House while still retaining the elegance diners craved for. A fantastic response from the public made this an even more popular dining destination and tables are now hard to get. You may also want to try the downstairs Bistro…?

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